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Launch optimistic rollup blockchains and validiums from our console. Deploy any dApps (contracts + UI) from our dApp Store on any EVM chainGet market ready and on all chain trackers within 4 weeks

No vendor locksyou pay monthly fee but can always fully buy out the chain and host it entirely yourself
Open sourceyou can see the code that's running in production
Transparentall the chain info including settlement layer contracts is visible
Upgradablethe node code is constantly updated from the upstream given minimal diff with the underlying parent project

Get complete infrastructure

We help setup a new chain as well as base DeFi services that you might need - like block explorer based on Blockscout, multisig wallet service based on Gnosis Safe and Uniswap V2-based AMM. All of these are open source, audited and widely used, all sold in our dApp StoreWe help you reserve the chain ID and populate info about your L2 on crypto platforms so that people can discover your infrastructure from day one

Launched chains:

Scalind — explorer
Scalind Devnet — explorer
GTON — website | explorer


Optimism Grants Council — recipient of Builder's grant, Cycle 15

Contact us

Let's get in touch and discuss your requirements. We'll outline the entire development process and share the plan with you

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